An Introduction

Hello. I’m Dawn Szabo, owner of Blue Sky Life Stories, LLC. And now, I’m a first-time blogger.

Isn’t that how people on the radio often start out? “Long-time listener, first-time caller?” Or, something like that? It’s the same for me. I’ve read blogs and now here I am, writing my first blog.  Yeah!

I’m excited to get this started. Since beginning my personal history business I’ve listened a lot, learned a lot and I can’t wait to share it with all of you. But as I get this going, my first order of business is to ensure that this isn’t just a blog that few people read and doesn’t accomplish anything. I have goals which are to:

  • connect people through the telling of life stories,
  • help you recall stories that you forgot you remembered, and
  • inspire you to find ways to save your stories for future generations.

I want to hear from you if a post helps you remember a story from your life, that of another relative, or gets you thinking about saving stories. I’m listening. Please share your story.