Such Wonderful Life Stories

 In May, I had the pleasure of teaching a course “A Taste of Personal History” at the Life Long Learning Institute in Goshen, Indiana. It was an amazing experience for me to talk with an engaged audience, present themes and story ideas for them to write about and then listen to the wonderful short stories they had to tell about their experiences.

I appreciate every one of them.  With nearly sixty-five people in the course, unfortunately, we couldn’t hear everyone’s story each session, and there was no shortage of volunteers willing to share their stories.  I laughed as they recounted adventures and experiences; I was touched by the life lessons they shared; I was amazed by those who persevered through challenging life circumstances. Many came up to me before each session or stayed after to discuss stories they wanted to tell or weren’t sure if they should tell. Some shared stories with me individually; a couple gave me books they had already written about their life; some shared resources they’d found themselves and one nice woman even clipped cartoons for me that she thought I’d enjoy.  And I did enjoy them– I’m looking at them again right now. 

This was a very giving group, who was very willing to participate. I hope for all those who attended the class is that you now have a list of stories that you can continue to write about and in no time have a collection of many short stories. Please keep writing – you have an amazing story to tell.

Thank you for sharing your stories with me.