What Is Personal History?

Now that I’ve shared that I’ve started my personal history business, you may be wondering what personal history is and what this is all about.

Simply put:

Personal History = Your True Life Stories

That answered everything, didn’t it?

Personal History can take on many forms:  autobiography, biography, memoir, video, audio, books, tributes, legacy letters and more. Some people journal or write their own life stories. Most people have good intentions but lack the time, resources, skill or desire to do the work themselves. That’s where I come in.

As a life story writer and personal historian, I work with clients individually, as a couple or family group, communities, businesses or organizations to save stories in a narrative form for future generations.

Sometimes when I mention this, people will say “I’ve lived an ordinary life; no one would be interested in my story.” That couldn’t be further from the truth. In just the past few generations, consider how much has changed in the world and how we live and even interact with each other. In my Guided Autobiography Workshops, I present a one hundred year history of the telephone and ask people to identify with one model and tell a story about it. Something as simple as pictures of telephones, reveal stories about party lines, talking with operators, payphones, the beginning of cell phones, and the ease of FaceTime and Skype for communicating. Everyone had a story to share and often when one person begins others will chime in with “I remember that!” or “That’s how it was at my grandparents!” Within moments, short stories and shared experiences connect people. And I love it.

If you’ve lived, you have a story to tell and I want to help you save it.

Remember: I’m here when you are ready to tell your story.

Blue Sky Life Stories, LLC
Dawn Szabo