I wish I could hear 
     their stories again…

 I wish I could hear 
     their stories again…

These words are spoken too many times

Sitting around a kitchen table telling stories of days gone by are moments treasured by family and friends. We laugh, sometimes we cry, and we hope we commit the stories to memory. As your professional personal and family historian, I can help you preserve those stories for generations to come. You tell your story and I’ll do all the work!

Through in-depth interviews in a casual and comfortable setting,  I’ll capture your voice, telling your story, as only you can tell it. Then you can choose to have your story in a professional audio presentation, manuscript, or book to share with family and friends.  

I’m listening, what’s your story?
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What does a personal historian do? Watch the video above from the Association of Personal Historians to learn more.


Dawn Szabo

  • Certified Guided Autobiography instructor
  • Member of Association of Personal Historians 2016-2017
  • 29 years with a Fortune 100 company
  • 8 years in Internal Communication
  • B.A. in Psychology

My story

We live under a big blue sky from the sunrise to the sunset of our lives where we experience adventures, loves, joys, challenges, triumphs and more. I believe those experiences should be preserved.

I love to listen to life stories. My mom researched my family history when I was growing up. Through her, I learned about the lives of my ancestors. They crossed oceans and land to experience life in new places. They farmed for generation after generation. They fought in wars. They witnessed and participated in historic events. I’m amazed by their stories that have been gleaned by records and some family legends that have been passed down. But I wish I knew more about what they saw, felt, and thought. I want to help you preserve those details by telling your story in your words and in your voice. 

For twenty-nine years, I worked for a Fortune 100 company where I honed my skills in customer service, organization and project management. I spent eight of those years in internal communication where I wrote to educate and inspire. I bring these skills together to help you get your project off the ground.

Now that you know my story, I’d like to know yours. I’d be honored to record it, write it, or help you write it yourself. It’s important that your story is told. I can help you tell it.


One of the first life stories I recorded was of my twenty-year-old daughter. I even learned a few things I didn’t know! It was fun and a great way for us to talk about some of her experiences. 

Whether you are 5 or 105 you have a story to tell. And now is the perfect time to tell your story. 

How does it work?

First, we’ll have a no obligation consultation. We’ll discuss how much or how little you want to include in your story. You have 100% approval on everything that goes into the project. While I do have package prices, most projects are customized to meet your specifications. You decide what options work for you. 

Then I’ll digitally record you telling your life story in one or more sessions and put it into a format you choose.  


  • During our initial consultation we can discuss the project options below. Projects can also be customized to fit your needs and budget.

    My Life Story – Hear My Voice (Audio) – Presented in either CD or USB format. You can also request to have it transcribed for a written version.

    Celebrate a Life Tribute (Audio) – This works great for family gatherings when many stories can be captured at one time.

    A Narrative of Your Life Story (Manuscript) – Based on the recorded interviews a narrative takes the stories and streamlines them. Sometimes related stories come out over several interviews. I’ll work with you based upon the interviews to determine a story structure that can be chronological or theme based.

    Your Life Book – Taking the manuscript all the way to a self-published book. This can be soft-cover, hard-cover, or heirloom quality.

  • I remember going to the Ft. Wayne Public Library with my mom searching through records. Good times! I love finding the story that goes beyond just dates. I’m not an accredited genealogist, but I do like research. I’d love to research your family history and find the stories of your ancestors.

  • In a will you pass on your wealth and personal possessions. In a legacy letter you share your values, philosophies and advice for future generations. Your family will view your legacy letter as a treasured reminder of what you value most.

  • Do you have cherished family recipes? Preserve the recipes and traditions together in a family recipe book sure to be treasured and passed on to future generations.

  • A tribute/memorial book can take on many forms. Commemorate any special occasion such as a 50th anniversary, a trip of a lifetime, or a cherished pet.

  • No writing experience required! You’ll learn how to write your life story based on life themes, two pages at a time. That’s all it takes to get started.

    As a certified GAB instructor, I offer workshops to small groups in a friendly and comfortable setting. Pull a group of people together, or join a session I already have planned.

    Here’s what you can expect from a workshop:

    • A brief discussion of the weekly life theme and various ways to approach it
    • Story writing tips
    • A confidential, supportive environment with weekly encouragement and guidance

    At the end of the workshop,  you’ll have a collection of stories to share with family and friends.


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